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Breakthroughs in accounting technology have enabled smarter, faster, and more efficient accounting practices. At Accracy, we’ve married client-centric, technology-powered accounting processes with experienced professionals that deliver timely, reliable accounting and bookkeeping services at an affordable price.

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What we do

At Accracy, we specialize in delivering top-tier remote and online accounting and bookkeeping services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Our primary goal is to simplify financial management for our clients, ensuring a seamless and expedited process that outpaces industry standards. With a relentless commitment to precision, we prioritize the accuracy of financial statements, giving you the peace of mind that your financial records are in expert hands.

What sets us apart is our team of highly qualified chartered accountants and trained bookkeepers, each dedicated to providing personalized services to every customer. By entrusting us with your financial tasks, you gain the freedom to concentrate on what matters most – the growth and success of your business. At Accracy, we're not just managing accounts; we're empowering your business to thrive.

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An accounting partner you can rely on

We know it can be stressful trying to find a reliable accounting partner. That’s why we put all of our cards on the table so you know exactly what to expect from us. There should be no surprises here.

Accracy Accounting Real-Time Accounting

Simple tech setup & training

We utilize cloud-based accounting technology to streamline your accounting processes. You don’t have to worry about technology setup, integrations, training, or upgrades.

Accracy Accounting On-going Support 24/7

One stop shop accounting team

From bookkeepers to payroll administrators to fractional controllers, we provide you with the right accounting expertise at the right time, for your growing business.

Accracy Accounting CPA CA Oversight

World class data security & privacy

The security of your financial data is our top priority. From staff security training to daily data backups and encryption, you can trust us to handle your data with care.

Getting started with Accracy

Accountimize uses accounting data to identify and highlight inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities to our clients ultimately providing greater sustainability in cash flows and a better ability to execute the underlying business plan.

Step 01. Learning about your business

We start with a discovery call to understand your business needs and the support you’re looking for. From there, we’ll put together a proposal and price quote and review it with you.

Step 02. Designing your solution

Next, we’ll recommend a technology stack that best meets your needs and design streamlined workflows that work for you and your team.

Step 03. Bringing you onboard

During the onboarding stage, we’ll set up your technology stack, document your workflow, and take care of any catch-up bookkeeping. The first two months will typically focus on training your team on using the technology and ironing out the kinks.

Step 04. Go live and ongoing delivery

Once you’re all set up and ready to go live, our accounting team will start managing your monthly work while you receive day-to-day support from your dedicated Client Success Lead.


Streamlined Operations Through Integrated Financial Tools

Elevate your business with our tech-savvy team, seamlessly syncing and integrating optimal financial tools. Experience enhanced efficiency and a connected ecosystem for streamlined workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when our clients turn their accounting and bookkeeping services over to us, trust is paramount. We have a team of certified professionals, use proven technologies, and hold ourselves accountable every day. Yes, you can trust us with your sensitive data and to deliver accurate, timely accounting services for your business.

Absolutely. Our team members are all certified in the leading accounting systems and can quickly get your files up to date.

Don’t worry, your financial data belongs to you. Our offboarding is pretty straightforward as we transfer account ownership to you. As a bonus, there’s no stopping you from replicating the workflows we’ve created for your in-house process – in fact, we encourage it.

Savings can vary considerably depending on your current solution, but our clients tell us that it is generally between 30% and 50%.

We do not provide year-end tax filing services as we are not a CPA firm. However, if you are looking for a year-end tax accountant, we would gladly refer you to one of our partners. Having a separate bookkeeper and year-end accountant ensures additional oversight on the accuracy of your books. Your year-end tax accountant can help you review your books during tax season.

No, we are not a CPA firm. Accracy is not a public accounting firm and does not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy.

No. We do not offer services which fall under the jurisdiction of these organizations. We have partner organizations who can provide those services if needed by clients. A good example of such services are tax advisory or statutory filings. We have a number of non-economic partnerships with CPA firms who can help our clients with these services if needed.

Every account is set up with a Client Success Lead who will be your day-to-day contact. They’ll liaise with the rest of the team members on your account which may include an accounting manager, bookkeeper, payroll specialist, and payables specialist.

Accracy can support a wide range of companies, from small businesses and startups to large public corporations. Our services are tailored to meet the unique accounting and bookkeeping needs of businesses across various industries.

At Accracy, we operate as a fully remote team, delivering our bookkeeping and accounting services online. We have the necessary tools and systems in place to work efficiently and securely from our remote locations. We will coordinate and collaborate with your onsite team to ensure smooth communication and workflow integration.

Accracy Accounting Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

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