Invoice Templates Examples

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  • 26th Nov, 2023

Looking for an invoice template? We've designed a universal, simple, editable invoice template that you can download in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF formats.

Invoice Templates Examples

New to invoicing? Hop on over to our article, What is an Invoice, Exactly? Then come back here—so you can pick a template, fill it out, send it, and get paid.

What is an invoice template?

An invoice template is a file you use to create an invoice. You fill it out with the specific details of the invoice you're sending, then save a copy. That copy is what you send to your client.

Some templates—typically spreadsheets—will automatically calculate some of the fields on the invoice. So, after you've listed all the items you're charging for, you may see the total produced at the bottom of the template. In other formats—like Word, or Google Docs—you'll have to do the math yourself.


How do you fill out an invoice template?

Any invoice template will typically include the following fields.

  • Your name. You may use your own name, or a name you've registered for your company.
  • Your address. Even if you only ever interact with your client online, you should include your physical address on the invoice. It's important for tax purposes—like receiving a Form 1099-MISC at the end of the year.
  • Client's name. This can be an individual, or a company.
  • Client's address. This is less important than your own address, but you should still try to include it.
  • Invoice number. Each invoice you send should have its own number. And your invoice numbers should be in sequence. You can learn more about numbering invoices from our article, What is an Invoice, Exactly?
  • Date sent. The exact date you're sending the invoice.
  • Date due. The due date for payment. While it's up to you to set this, you may want to check with your client first, to see how often they pay out invoices (eg. weekly or biweekly.)
  • Item description. This is a list of the different services or products you're charging for. Try to be as descriptive as possible in the space you have.
  • Quantity. This could be the number of products you created for your client. It could also be the number of hours you worked, if you are charging by the hour.
  • Rate, or price per. The amount you charge for each item. This is multiplied by the quantity.
  • Subtotal. This is the total cost of what you're invoicing, before taking into account tax.
  • Tax. If you charge tax, it may be listed after the subtotal.
  • Total. This is the full cost, after tax is taken into account.
  • Notes/comments. If there is any additional info to include, put it here. Some invoice templates don't include fields for dates or invoice numbers, so you may want to include that information as a comment.

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Invoice template for Google Docs

To make your own copy of our Google Docs invoice template, click "File --> Make a Copy".

Click here to open it.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Invoice template for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Invoice Template

Invoice template for Google Sheets

To make your own copy of our Google Sheets invoice template, click "File --> Make a Copy". 

Google Sheets Invoice Template

Open Google Sheets Invoice Template

Invoice template for Excel

Excel Invoice Template

PDF invoice template

PDF Invoice Template (Editable)


Invoices are part of your accounts receivable—the money your business is owed. The smoother your accounts receivable process, the sooner you get paid. Learn how to set up (and optimize) your accounts receivable.

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