Programs, Grants, and Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

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  • 26th Nov, 2023

Black business owners currently make up a small fraction of business owners in the United States. As success or failure for any entrepreneur is directly impacted by their ability to access capital, we're sharing a list of programs, grants, and resources available for Black business owners. These initiatives empower Black business owners and entrepreneurs by providing access to capital, expertise, and professional networks to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals.

Programs, Grants, and Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures (BGV) provides access to community and financial capital for black and brown women-identifying founders to aid the development and growth of small businesses. During the BGV Pitch Competition, founders make a three minute pitch to the audience followed by a Q&A. The audience then votes with their dollars and the winners take home their raised capital.


Black Founders

Black Founders creates an ecosystem that stimulates tech entrepreneurs and fosters economic growth for Black business owners. Black Founder's "Gust" system connects Black-owned startups who are currently raising money and actively looking for investors with a collection of investors around the world. The organization also connects business owners with networking, workshops, conferences, and hackathons.

U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

Also known as The National Voice of Black Businesses, the U.S. Black Chambers (USBC) provides leadership and advocacy for economic empowerment of Black-owned businesses. They create resources for a network of African American Chambers of Commerce, which can also be accessed directly on their website. These include free digital training courses and tools, webinars, podcasts, programs and events.

In partnership with American Express, the USBC has developed ByBlack as the only national certification exclusively for Black-owned businesses. ByBlack provides Black entrepreneurs a way to reach new customers and unlock opportunities to secure contracts with large potential buyers.

Black Women Connect

Black Women Connect is an online hub for Black female entrepreneurs and business owners. It provides a social and professional network for career-oriented and driven individuals. When you sign up, you will gain access to career opportunities, business building, and networking.

Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise is a website and magazine that provides Black business owners with information about minority business news, trends, and education, as well as opportunities to network with other Black entrepreneurs. Black Enterprise focuses on supplying resources and articles targeted to the specific needs of Black business owners, with content geared towards small business news and financial growth.


Code 2040

Code2040 is a nonprofit organization that aims to mobilize participation and ensure success from Latinx and Black innovators in the tech community. Code2040 works to break down inequality in the tech industry by hosting a variety of programs and mentorship for tech professionals and college students that are working towards career development.

JPMorgan Chase Advancing Black Pathways (ABP)

As part of Chase's commitment to empowering Black-owned businesses towards economic success, the Advancing Black Pathways initiative provides capital, technical support, and pathways for businesses to establish and grow their business. ABP also provides financing options to invest in company growth through access to working capital and cash, capital expenditures, and commercial real estate purchases.

National Black MBA Association's Scale-Up Pitch Challenge

The annual Scale-Up Pitch Challenge is designed to create and support wealth building opportunities for association members by getting participants in front of early stage investors. The competition is hosted by the National Black MBA Association, a non-profit professional member-based organization that engages black professionals, students, and entrepreneurs through programs that facilitate professional development and economic empowerment.

The 2023 challenge, where teams compete for the $50,000 cash prize, will be held on Sept. 15, 2023 in Pennsylvania.

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